South Africa 1913 Paterson Kimberley - Bulawayo, First Aerogram


  • 1913 Specially pre-printed envelope headed "AEROGRAM" at centre top with "NO CHARGE FOR DELIVERY" below, "PBP/50HP" at side
  • for the Cecil Compton-Paterson attempted flight from Kimberley to Bulawayo.
  • Addressed to the then Mayor of Bulaway and franked with pair Transvaal KEVII 1d's tied by Kimberley cds 31 AUG (last day of Interprovincial Period!).
  • The 50hp biplane crashed 12km after takeoff thus yielding two firsts:
  • The first use of the term "Aerogram" and
  • South Africa's first air crash cover!
  • The small mail was salvaged and sent by train.
  • F-VF, minor perimeter faults,
  • the unique surviving flown piece from this flight.
  • An exhibition showpiece for connoisseur.
  • Ex Jeidel & Polakow, Nierinck 130831.
  • Following the successful 1911 Kenilworth-Muizenberg flights Cecil Compton-Paterson founded the Paterson Aviation Syndicate Ltd which was to establish a flying school at Alexanderfontein near Kimberley.
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